spacerLoea Corporation – Pioneer of E-band wireless communications
spacerspacerwith American made units deployed around the globe.


L1000/L1300 Product allow close deployment due to narrow beam.

Easy to deploy, minimal infrastructure required.

L2710 for longer range deployments have a .42
degree beam allowing
multiple units to be used on one mast.

Wall mount option for L2710 can be used and help with
cost savings on deployment.


Loea introduced the world to Gigabit Wireless networking. 
Loea Corporation was the first company to introduce a wireless, point-to-point radio operating in the 70/80GHz millimeter wave spectrum. 

This concept of Fiberless Access™ – combining the performance of fiber with the flexibility of wireless – is the result of more than 15 years of dedicated millimeter wave research and development. Enterprises and Service Providers on a global scale are connecting networks, linking buildings and accessing information at Gigabit speeds.  We’re helping them to increase productivity, grow revenues and expand operations – while reducing costs.

Certified to protect your investment.
We have spent significant effort to ensure our products conform to these key regulatory requirements.  And we will do the same when International approvals are adopted.  With Loea, you can be certain that your point-to-point wireless link will be useable today and in the future.

Looking beyond Gigabit.
Loea sees a wireless future of even greater speeds and more innovative technologies.  We will continue to be the pioneers in high-speed point-to-point wireless networking. At Loea, Gigabit Wireless is just the beginning…


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